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What Our Clients Say

"The Real Men Talk Show has been a great platform for many groups, organizations, individuals, and public figures to reach the masses on what’s going on in the community, how people can get involved, and upcoming events. The show is very informative and uses its power to increase voter engagement around elections. The host, Ray Leotis Hightower, and co-host Shawn create a welcome show for their guest speakers."

– Bro Roshawn

"RealMenTalk (RMT) is a very good show. I like the different topics that are relevant to today's issues and effect black men and their families lives. Whether it's financial, political, or just physical and mental health, the topics are intriguing and always interesting to hear the differing of opinions and the thought process behind them. RealMenTalk"

– Chris B

"The Real Men Talk is a show that has many different topics ,that include guest that posses a vast knowledge of topics that are important for today's African in America and throughout the diaspora... The host and co host raise thought provoking content which is sure to keep you engaged."

– V.Nichols

"A huge shout-out to an amazing man I have had the honor to meet. Mr. Ray Hightower is impressive with his ability to create change in his own way, in his own community. He will go the extra mile to ensure you have clarity in the things that matter to him and you. Take the time to contact him and for sure listen in to “Real Men Talks” where topics that impact community are shared! Keep on shining. Mr. Ray!"

– Dr. Cynthia J. Hickman-Your Proactive Caregiver Advocate!
(Missouri City, Texas)

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